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released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


SMNTCS Milan, Italy

SMNTCS is a post hardcore band based in Milan, Italy. Feel free to drop us a line:

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Track Name: Note #1 (Mount Buzludzha)
Are you staying for nothing?
Are you fighting for anything?
To me it's quite the same story
and I can tell you from the incipit what it's all about.

No, no class war is not your suit!

I'd rather call it
an existential survival kit.
Full of those books your father bought
that you pretend to know by heart.
Track Name: Note #2 (Tuxedo Princess)
Now google me
eager to find
lost fragments
of myself.

You wish I got crazy about you
when you're way too tired to think
the best pictures of me
from my past.

you've tried hard to cry in English
but you've just burst into speechless tears.

the bottle of wine we drank last night is already a still life.
Track Name: Note #3 (Majestic)
I've left
trails of crumbs
as I collected failures
To follow the path I took
when I got to nowhere.

I've left
trails of crumbs
as I forgot my fears
To trace back the path
when I got to you.

Frost once said that nothing gold can stay.
I'm ok with that but don't write it in my epitaph.
Track Name: Note #4 (Tuxedo Royale)
Give me an exit strategy then give me a break.
I need a mitigation standpoint
and I'll avoid the shipwreck.
The captain has told me
that opposite routes will soon coincide.
Maps that I don't know..
Damn far from where I used to live

Hometown has never been a stop
nor a crucial node

You don't fuck with this!
Track Name: Note #5 (Ruderi)
My head in my hands
My arms on my knees.
There’s not enough space,
I’m stuck in this place.
I’d stop to figure out expectations
and amplify them back
Running away, losing the sound.
Sounds overlap like rain
Wrong season pain,
Sounds overlap like rain
There’s no structure in chaos.
We make sense of it
by feeding our sense of duty
Always trying to build up stories to tell.
My head in my hands
My arms on my knees
There’s not enough space
I’m stuck in this place.
Track Name: Note #6 (Antipodes)
I ignored the compass and continued on my way south.
I put out at least ten cigarettes and I woke up with you

On the best Monday ever.